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The Wow Factor for Therapists

We understand the importance of self-care for those who care for others. As a token of our appreciation, therapists can now enjoy discounts on all our treatments and services. This discount ensures that you can access the rejuvenation and support you need to continue your invaluable work. 

We highly recommend The WoW Factor for therapists.

1. Consultation

We start with a personal consultation to understand your unique needs and preferences.

2. Bio-Well Scan

Next, we use advanced, non-invasive technology to analyse your energetic state and tailor treatments accordingly.

3. A Trans:mission of Choice

Experience a transmission on our Vibro Acoustic Bed, combining cinematic music, guided visualisation, and therapeutic vibrations.

4. Reiki & SKHM Healing

Transition into a combined Reiki and SKHM Healing session. This powerful blend of ancient energy healing techniques facilitates the flow of universal life force energy, promotes balance, and aligns your spiritual, emotional, and physical energies.

The Wow Factor is a journey to restore and energise therapists, helping them continue their vital work with renewed vigour.

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At the conclusion of your journey, we invite you to relax with a soothing cup of herbal tea. This peaceful moment allows you to reflect on your experience, absorb the benefits of your treatments, and gently transition back to your daily routine. Savoring this quiet time helps to deepen the sense of rejuvenation and inner harmony, ensuring you leave our center feeling fully restored and ready to continue your vital work with renewed energy and clarity.

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