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“This was one of the most incredible journeys I have ever experienced! 

~ Jacyn

“That was incredible, blessings to you both for this beautiful transmission. The release of pain and sadness at the beginning followed by such love light and joy, pure bliss!”

~ Kelly

I offer my most sincere gratitude. I have praying to release old emotions. I am not a cryer but from the moment the transmission and music began I began crying and releasing. I'm so profoundly grateful to you.”

~ Jayne


“Thank you for a very transformative release! I shed tears and released a lot of ancestral trauma. I am beyond grateful for your gifts!! Thank you so much. Praying for a better humanity.” 

~ Sadia,

“Wow! That was a powerful Divine Union activation. Thank you for your blessed transmission. So much love to you both.”

~ Jamie,

“Wow! A powerful transmission that took me to Glastonbury.

A few thoughts and persons popped in my mind then pouf gone. I then heard clearly the following words that flowed through me “we are one! In you I see me and in me I see you. You are the Holy Grail, the quest is over. You are Home” Felt peace, calm and joy of being at home. Thank you to both.”

~ Josiane

“Wowza. You two did it again. That was incredible. Thank you. I almost wrote I don’t know how I am so blessed to receive this from you both. But those knowing chills return as I write this even, as they did during the transmission, we made a covenant long a go didn’t we? Thank you, bless you both. Forever grateful.”

~ Kelly

“It's a purification technique. I felt and saw the kundalini rising, source energy flowing through me, cleansing, transformation on a cellular level, an upgrade, an uprising, a "key" for planetary transformation, 

~ Kristin

"When I listened to the Pillar of Light for the first time, I was taken by an elderly woman a cave of death in Uluru to leave there old "human", then Mother Earth energised me like in the movie Avatar, by the holy tree, then it showed up 13 Pleiadian mothers and I was led to the cave of rebirth, I heard that Uluru cleans what is "human" in us to discover what is Divine. Cosmic....with love and thank you once again."

~ Aluna

“Was Awesome So full of Light and  Love with Omnipotent openings.”

~ Vikki

“Wow. Deep release. Thank you. It was deeply nurturing.”

~ Hannah

“That was a beautiful journey of slowly unknotting the tension from many levels within the body and especially the nervous system. This type of deep rest is most important right now in the personal and collective healing process with all the new energy flowing in and activating so much within us. Thank you very much, highly recommended.” 

~ Daniel

"Dearest Henrietta and Chris, I am so incredibly grateful for your offerings, your magic and your integrity in this world. There is something so different about the sound experiences you share with us. They are deeply comforting and yet, so often full of surprises. Stasis was a stunning deep dive into the void - my body released what it needed to and I was left feeling so deeply peaceful. Thank-you again for all you do, and all you provide. So much love."

~ Tessa

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